| January 2017

Shelley Anne picks a card

The Year Ahead
Written by THOMAS YAIR | January 2017

Shelley Anne | Tarot card reader

Shelley Anne handles her deck of Voyager tarot cards like the sanctified objects many believe they are. From her stool at the bar at Delray’s Coffee District one recent afternoon, the West Palm Beach-based tarot master removes the 78-card deck first from its cedar “altar box” and then from its doubly protective silk covering. The modified wood cigar box is covered with stickers depicting roses, hearts and cartoon witches, along with the word “Beware” spelled out in Scrabble titles.

Indeed, her cards can just as easily contain frightful omens as they can sunny palliatives. But as she prepares to “read” South Florida for 2017, she’s fairly certain of one thing: Change is in the air.

“In numerology, if you add up the numbers in 2017, it adds up to a 1,” she says. “So the year itself is a year of new beginnings, of new shiftings that we were unable to accomplish in the past. This is the year to make those shifts happen.”

But what kind of a shift, exactly? The cards tell us the rest. With the experienced swiftness of a blackjack dealer, Shelley shuffles the deck and lays out a Celtic block formation: five cards in the shape of a cross with a central card placed horizontally over the center, plus four more in an adjacent vertical column. The cards for “Harvest,” “Reward” and “Passion” join seemingly more negative cards like “The Hanged Man” and “Fear,” both of which can be reversed, Shelley says.

collage of Shelley Anne and tarot cards

But it’s the card in the center of the cross—“Strength”—that most catches her eye. “It suggests an important cycle, a progressive cycle,” she says. “And that lends itself to the year in numerology, with new beginnings. It’s the strength required for all the shifting in South Florida. It also suggests inner strength and the energy of thinking before doing—in other words, having the heart of South Florida in mind, not just building, building, building, like we’ve been doing. There has to be some consideration for conservation.

“‘The Hanged Man’ is a gentle card,” she continues. “He’s just ‘hanging out.’ It’s in the direction of taking action, moving, things are happening. It’s already in motion. Moving forward, the Reward for people that are living in Florida is monetary. If we’re owning homes, we’re going to make more money, and there’s going to be more job opportunities. So it’s South Florida’s Reward.”

Overall, she sees a year of economic boom and environmental advances for South Florida, not to mention good old-fashioned appreciation of the state.

“There are a lot of ‘Cups’ cards in this formation, which is wonderful, because ‘Cups’ is love. It’s love of the state, of caring about what happens. But there’s always dark and light. There’s also an energy of some that will say, ‘It’s not going to work out.’ But love is stronger than fear.”

Shelly Anne

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